Solar Power

Solar-generated electricity is a clean, environmentally friendly way to power your home or business. Harnessing solar power reduces your electric bill and helps protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions from coal generated electricity.

Winters Electric designs and installs grid-tied solar energy systems so we made a decision to "walk the talk" and put-in our own solar energy system.  It's sized to provide 120% of our current electrical needs. We even recently received our first solar energy refund check from Colorado Springs Utilities for the surplus solar energy that we fed back into the electric grid in 2010.

Grid-tied systems are the most reliable cost effective way to harness solar power for your home or business.  Recent Colorado Legislation requires that at least 10% of our electricity come from solar energy systems installed on homes and businesses.

To meet the goal, Colorado Springs Utilities has allocated $1.5M in rebate funding for 2011 to encourage community investment in solar power.  Add in a generous 30% Federal Tax Creditand now is the time to reduce your utility bill, save money and be part of the sustainable living solution.

If you would like to learn more about the value of solar energy for your home or business please contact us to schedule a site assessment.

Renewable Solar engery installation pictures